…surprising absolutely nobody.

As I wrote a week ago when Schwyzer said he was quitting the internet, it speaks volumes about the nature of feminism that its most prominent pusher would be someone like Schwyzer. Well, now even more volumes are spoken.

  • Joshua Darby O’Rourke

    Kudos for compiling this lengthy and amusing issue, Wesley.

  • septimar

    “it speaks volumes about the nature of feminism”? This is bullshit. If what he says about his diagnosis is true, this is simply the case of a mentally ill person having a breakdown. It proves nothing about any ideology.

    • razumikhin

      I’m no fan of feminism, but I have to agree with this.

    • http://www.constitutionaldaily.com bl1y

      It says a lot more about the nature of gender studies departments.

    • EvilPundit

      I think it speaks volumes about *men* who are feminists.

      Feminism is an ideology that basically regards men as evil. For a man to believe that ideology, he has to have a degree of self-loathing. Here we see an example of the toxicity of self-hate.

      • septimar

        First of all, there is no single feminism. There are many, many currents in feminism, and their views on the patriarchy are not uniform.
        Second, I am a male feminist, and no, I do not hate myself, or men in general, in fact, I love to have sex with them! Just as white abolitionists could see that slavery is evil I can see that a patriarchal system is unjust. It’s called empathy, try it, it doesn’t hurt.

      • Kaitlyn Newton

        “Feminism is an ideology that basically regards men as evil”


    • dungone

      It speaks volumes that feminists embraced a mentally ill individual when it suited their ideological goals.

      • Brendan Doran

        God almighty. The Founding Femmes of Feminism were nearly all victims of childhood rape/incest. Horrible but not normal. Then there’s gender studies – Shulamith Firestone, author of 1970’s The Dialectic of Sex – was schizo.

        Sure you’re valid. As valid as the Wahabbi are towards women. You’re the female Wahabbi.

      • Kaitlyn Newton

        because, you know, there wasn’t a single feminist who was against this guy from the beginning.

        this speaks volumes about what happens when men are allowed to act like the leaders of feminism.

        • dungone

          Kaitlyn, please find me a single feminist who actually disagreed with anything that Hugo said. Someone who actually said that not all men are like that and that sociopaths such as Hugo are well known for projecting their own behavior onto others. What we actually had was the worst of everything – feminists who agreed with everything that Hugo said about men, but who simply didn’t want any men in their movement because they truly, honestly believe that all men are just like Hugo.

          All these feminists who wanted Hugo out, they all pretty much say the same exact things about men – even by Hugo’s own admission in these Tweets, he was just telling feminists what they wanted to hear and they ate it up. That’s what makes feminism look bad. I’m afraid that the lesson was completely lost on the feminist community – that if they really want to hear men who says such horrible things about men, what they’ll get is a long line of sociopaths, alcoholics, serial killers, etc., who will be the only kinds of people to say that yeah, all men are like that.

  • Wiless

    Are we sure this is really him, and not a hoax?

  • Rachel Cunnings

    The true face of feminism. Delicious!

  • Jean Valjean


  • http://www.tamorapierce.com/ Tamora Pierce

    Is anyone here surprised, given his history? Really?