Gawker competes with Business Insider. Gawker has an incentive to make Business Insider look bad. Nitasha Tiku is a senior writer at Gawker. Keep this in mind and read these tweets.

Nitasha Tiku assumes, baselessly, that Pax Dickinson was speaking in an official capacity for the entirety of his time on Twitter. So it’s fair play to assume the same of her.

To do so is to say that Gawker has started a campaign against Business Insider.

So has this guy, apparently:

And so begins a full-on public shaming campaign. Dickinson is being attacked by feminists for ‘misogyny’ and ‘sexism’ (words which, like ‘racism’, seem to have lost any meaning they once had in the mouths—err, keyboards—of leftists). For people who get so upset about “slut-shaming” (in less thedish terms: the condemnation of promiscuity), “bullying”, and the like, these feminists sure love to shame and bully people.

This Binder fellow, according to whom Dickinson “seems to be your classic straight white male brogrammer”, doesn’t appear to care much for White people in general:

What a surprise!—he apparently doesn’t consider himself White:

As for Dickinson, he’s now been forced to resign:

Pax Dickinson has been forced to resign as chief technology officer at Business Insider following an online firestorm over his long history of controversial tweets, according to a source who has been in contact with him. Dickinson got in hot water yesterday over his most recent string of tweets about feminism, misogyny, and women in tech. A look at his tweets from over the years uncovered many more instances Dickinson bashing feminists, gays, and the poor, among others. An e-mail seeking comment from Dickinson was not immediately returned.

The lesson here is: if a bunch of online leftists don’t like the things you say, you may lose your job.

Nothing is too low for Gawker, or for the people Gawker appeals to.

  • Randy Miller

    Thought control by Cathedral foot soldiers proceeds by intimidation, not persuasion.