Our media reaches a new low in their defense of the effeminate beige chosen one, Obama, and reinforces the wussiness of the system once more, with a television headline on CNN that asks, “Putin Bullying Obama?” Traditional masculinity is attacked or portrayed negatively by the tastemakers and gatekeepers of society, and this is a prime example. Reality has a hard way of hitting a society based on pretty lies. This is it. This is the end result of a Cathedral system that denies reality, selects for pansy men and will not allow for masculinity to be fostered, encouraged and glorified.

The media has to frame the Putin-Obama symbolic confrontation (who has the real foreign power in the USG system?) with Putin as a negative attacker (“bullying”) and Obama the victim. We live in a victim culture. This is what modern America is. Someone is designated a victim and then their status skyrockets, causing whatever they say to have more gravitas, and whatever they do wrong is excusable due to being a victim. The media has to lie about the USG involvement in the Ukrainian mess despite them being caught on tape discussing it. Instead of it being a man-versus-man showdown, the media has to portray the US side as passive victims of Russian aggression. This is geopolitics. You want to play Empire, you are going to need to be tough.

This is also the sick outcome of having a media-bureaucratic machine that makes real decisions and pulls the strings instead of a President with more authority. Because the man himself does not matter as much, which is how the media could help Obama along in 2004-2008, you can select for a symbol for elections. Say what you will about Romney, but do you think he isn’t full of masculine energy? He is a perfect Ivy stereotype of the guy who does it all. Think back to the first Romney-Obama debate. It was Don Draper versus puss-boy. Nixon is laughing about this in Purgatory. The last man who thought he had individual power as President, and understood that dirty work needed to happen to get things done around the globe, would relish a match-up against the Russians. The man saved Israel to beat the Soviets in a proxy battle.

It is hard to blame Obama. He is a product of the Left’s selection process. Turn the clock back twenty years, and Clinton is no better. Clinton is a fat nerd who grew up and got power doused on him and became a sex addict. The joke theme on Clinton was that he was the kind of guy who would fake helping three other guys lift a sofa. It was also said that his wife wore the pants in the marriage—this was twenty years ago, before every sitcom had that type of marriage as the standard. “Nancy Reagan was the first female president; Hillary just does it better” was a joke on the sitcom Grace Under Fire. This is the Left. Jackie O once said that Adlai Stevenson was the perfect pansy man that the “violently liberal” women in the Democratic Party, who “were scared of sex”, loved. Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama… not the kind of guys you want on your side in a fight. Obama gets mocked or spiritually slapped down by his wife in public monthly. Cory Booker, the former football player, gets pedicures and never seems to get around to finding the right girl to marry? Shucks. Kerry, the war vet, who saw limited action then came home to trash the military (he had to for prog credits) was still a softie compared to his rich harpy wife. Not to mention nearly every journalist in America.

That is the point, though: gelded men to pull the levers of power as the credentialed progressive apparatchiks of the system take care of it all. The Left does have some tough guys left—union guys, and minority-majority congressmen who like to shout, do still exist. They won’t get selected for higher office, though, due to the Left’s selection for credentialed “geniuses”. Minority-majority congressmen act like sub-Saharan politicians in office though as they skew extremely Left, often get embroiled in corruption scandals, and try to out-Black or out-Hispanic each other as Bobby Rush did to Obama. That’s the Left for you. W may have been dopey at times, but you know he was a guy’s guy with his alcohol problem and nicknaming attitude. McCain is senile and crazy now, but he was once a fighter pilot. Bob Dole was a war veteran who lost use of his arm but did not let them cut it off so he faked people out for years so as not to be less of a man. Chris Christie is a loudmouth, macho fat guy. You know he’s hiding some secret about some Jersey strip club from 1988. It’s still somewhat okay on the Right to be a man in traditional ways.

The media portrays veterans as ticking time bombs. Businessmen are said to be rapists of the environment, the working man (not that the Left really cares about the working class anymore), and perhaps random women. Fraternities are dens of rapists when not full of closet-case homos. Two guys work out together at the gym? Closet cases. Two guys cut their dicks off and get married? Heroes. Priest who gives advice to all who seek is portrayed as a homosexual pedophile in every movie. Rick Lazio was neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the 2000 Senate race and he—oh no!—walked across the stage to tell her to sign something? He crossed a line, the evil aggressive man, and the NYT was still whining about it eight years later. Sorry, boys. That is the system. It works when the times are good and lies need to be maintained. Forget all those men working coal mines and oil rigs and sanitation, farming, operating CNC machines, and providing every other basic need that Mike Rowe showed on Dirty Jobs. Just a bunch of ‘bullies’ and rapists in waiting, according to the Left. Counterargument might be that they do allow Black men in the US to be portrayed positively in the media, but that’s worth another discussion and has a perfectly good explanation (it’s okay to spotlight a group when you don’t have to worry about them threatening the system). Anyway, if the media always portrays manly men negatively, who would I vote for in November 2012? Hmmm, traditional male or effeminate beige boy?

Does the man behind the podium matter? Not often as an actual wielder of power these days, but he does matter as a symbol. The vigilante gangs now fighting back against the cartels in Mexico? Men. As a Sailer reader pointed out with the missing libertarians in the Ukraine, men made decisions to storm barricades. Men fought cops. Men ran through fire. Some incredibly brave Orthodox priests tried to act as peacemakers. All the years of training and regular masses for that one moment. That’s the calling. Those are men. This is on the periphery of the Washington empire but it will find its way to America. When the time comes and the money is all gone, people will have to act. There will be a role for women, but the people storming the drones and slapping EMPs on armored Humvee police ‘cars’ will be men. Will your nation’s men be ready?

  • Snakes on a Car

    That’s some damn good writing.

    • Bob Petumkin

      Agreed. The last two lines in particular were excellent.