Updating the firmware on an hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer using a USB stick.

If you are not sure whether a firmware update is suitable for your LaserJet printer, contact your system administrator.

This guide works for a number of printers including the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome printer and the steps vary slightly depending on the type of control panel. This procedure requires access to the Device Maintenance menu.

If the Device Maintenance menu is unavailable or password-protected, contact your system administrator.

A USB stick is required for this operation. For the standard 4-line displays as shown on the left, use the arrow keys to scroll and press OK to select.

For touch screen displays shown on the right, use the scroll bar to scroll and touch the selection option.

This is a four-step process where you print a configuration page, download the firmware to a USB stick, update the firmware from the control panel, and then verify that the firmware update was successful.

First, print a configuration page from the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer control panel. You will be notified of this later. Scroll to the control panel and select Administration. Select Reports. Select Configuration/Status Pages.

Scroll to and select the Configuration page. Scroll up on a 4-line display, then select Print.

On a touch screen display, select Print. Set the printed page aside. Then download the firmware from the HP Support website and save it on the USB stick.

Click Drivers & Downloads. Enter the name or number of the hp laserjet enterprise m506dn monochrome laser printer in the search box and click Go. Select the model from the list of search results.

Select your preferred driver language, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then select the Cross Operating System option (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.).

In the Firmware section, locate the firmware file for multiple operating systems. Compare the current version date of the firmware file with the firmware file code on the previously printed configuration page to ensure that a firmware update is required.

If the firmware date on the download page and the configuration page is the same, the printer firmware is up to date and you do not need to continue.

If the firmware date on the configuration page is before the date listed as Current Version on the download page, continue with the firmware update process.

Click Download, and then click Save As. Note: This step may vary depending on your browser type and version.

Navigate to the location where you want to save the file, and then click Save. Navigate to the location where you saved the file, right-click the file.zip, and then extract all the files. Click Browse, select the USB stick as the destination, click OK, and then click Extract.

After extracting the files, a firmware file name with the extension .bdl will be listed. This is the file needed to perform the firmware update.

Now update the firmware via the control panel. Make sure that the printer is in standby mode. If the printer is in an error state, correct the error before continuing.

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On a 4-line display, press the down arrow key or press OK to open the main menu. On a touch screen, start the Home screen by pressing the Home icon. Scroll to and select Device Maintenance. Select USB Firmware Upgrade. When prompted to plug in a USB port, locate the USB port on the front of the printer.

This position varies slightly, but is typically located at the bottom of the keyboard or touch screen display. If there is a terminal cover, remove it. Insert the USB stick into the USB port. Select the.bdl file or bundle, then select Upgrade or press OK. Wait until the firmware update is complete and the unit restarts automatically.

This process may take up to ten minutes or more. Do not interrupt this process by unplugging, disconnecting, or attempting to turn off the printer. Doing so may damage the printer. When the machine returns to standby mode, make sure the firmware update was successful.