• What Presidential Pardons Reveal

    October 29, 2014 • ChronicleComments (0)

    Pardons are a presidential power that usually generate interest as a president leaves office. Pardons were at the heart of the Watergate situation as Nixon would not promise a pardon, or would dangle the promise of a pardon in front of men. Gerald Ford famously pardoned Nixon despite Nixon not being convicted of anything. George W. Bush never pardoned old Scooter Libby, which many pundits expected. Bill Clinton pardoned some minor figures and then Marc Rich. Rich’s ex-wife had donated millions to the Clinton library. No corruption there. Clinton and Bush both pardoned, individually, two men involved in a smuggling crime from the ’40s. No media outcry or much attention, yet it reveals much about America’s geopolitical stance today.

    Charles Winters and Al Schwimmer were buddies involved with smuggling three B-17 bombers from the US to the newly-formed Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Winters claims that he did this because of his friend Schwimmer, for what he felt was right, and received no compensation. These bombers were credited with helping the Israelis win the war and acted as the start of their air force. Schwimmer was effectively the father of the Israeli Air Force, and Winters the godfather.

    Once the smuggling was discovered, Winters and Schwimmer were punished. Winters went to jail for eighteen months; Schwimmer was fined but never spent time in jail. These are pretty lenient sentences for violating the Neutrality Acts and smuggling bombers to another nation. While there was a strong push within the US for recognizing Israel, Truman debated this and waffled on it. Even when he signed recognition, there are scratch marks on what exactly was the name of the nation he was recognizing. At that time, America had an Arabist and a Zionist wing to foreign policy. Fifty years later, the pro-Israel side had won out. While Schwimmer himself never sought a pardon, Clinton gave him the pardon. Despite being dead for over a decade, Bush pardoned Winters. It was symbolic. Israel, the US has your back, always.

    Times had changed. But what had changed, exactly? These two men broke a law. The law enforcement of their time punished them, if lightly, and did not pardon them when the crime was fresh. They were not pardoned even after the US had bailed Israel out in Nixon’s day. Nothing about the law changed. What changed was AIPAC’s stranglehold on Congress. What changed was the idea of Israel being the source of multiple questions at presidential debates. What changed was that breaking the law for Israel was not such a bad thing, as long as it did not put the US at risk.

    These men are dead. The pardons have little tangible meaning but plenty of symbolism. Touchdown celebrations have no value except to taunt the other side. It is okay to get outraged by the pardon of Marc Rich. It is okay to wonder if Bush would pardon old crony Scooter Libby. Just don’t discuss the history, the odd push, and the lobby behind the pardon of two old smugglers.

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  • gabriel-knight-screenshot-3

    On Chris Kluwe’s Insane GamerGate Screed, and Some Gaming History

    October 28, 2014 • KulturkampfComments (1)

    Try as they might, the dour ‘social justice warriors’ (SJWs) who have been defining the anti-GamerGate narrative can’t seem to make the grassroots movement quit and go away. Last week, former NFL player Chris Kluwe unleashed a fairly insane screed, in which he reiterated the SJWs’ boring talking points regarding the majority of the people who make up GamerGate. In short, GamerGaters are horrible people—Kluwe calls them, in his Tourette’s-esque style, “shitgoblins”—because SOCIAL JUSTICE! or something.

    Interestingly enough, one thing Kluwe does in his rant is try to establish his gamer cred, pointing out that he was an early adopter during the console revolution of the 80s. That’s all well and fine, but I myself am an old school gamer—though my gaming experience came with early PC games in the late 80s and early 90s. In fact, the first game I ever played on a PC in that time period was King’s Quest V.


    The opening scene from King’s Quest V

    Now, according to the feminist/SJW critique, the gaming and tech industries have been ‘male dominated’ and are therefore hosts to a ‘misogynistic’ atmosphere. Unfortunately for the narrative Kluwe and his allies promote, the game above, along with some of the biggest games of the early PC gaming world, were designed by this person:


    Yes, that’s right, one of the leading voices and creative forces in early PC gaming was. . . a woman! Who knew? Oh, that’s right—any of the millions of the players who bought her games during those halcyon days of PC gaming. Hell, even in researching this article, I had gotten Williams mixed up with the creator of my favorite early PC games, the Gabriel Knight series. The creator of those games? Jane Jensen.


    Jensen was one of the first to realize that gaming provided a platform for a deeper form of storytelling, a common complaint of gamers today when it comes to the multi-billion first-person shooters that dominate the current market, such as Call of Duty, Halo and so on. Those Gabriel Knight games were something amazing, and I have all three still sitting on my hard drive thanks to a site called Good Old Games. (Oh, and Gabriel’s female assistant, Grace Nakimura, was featured prominently in GK2 and GK3, with the story alternating between Gabriel and Grace—just to calm Kluwe down a bit about female characters.)

    As I take this walk down Memory Lane, I’m also reminded (and here comes a true gamer nerd confession) of the woman who went by the pen name Scorpia for Computer Gaming World magazine (CGW) during these years. In short, Scorpia was the “tips and tricks” expert of one of the most influential gaming magazines during early PC gaming. Now, according to Kluwe et al, gaming has essentially been misogynist since the moment it sprang into existence. But here you have a woman gaming expert that millions of gamers, men and women both, looked up to, during the era of gaming when designers would put fiendishly difficult puzzles or sections into a game that could be so frustrating that people would walk away from the game. But Scorpia’s section in CGW was a favorite mainstay of that magazine until an unfortunate corporate reörganization ended up killing one of the most beloved rags in early PC gaming.

    Another interesting thing that happened recently, as I sat and thought about this article, was that I got some illustrative responses on Twitter when I tweeted the Roberta Williams picture. Women who are part of the industry, or training to be part of the industry, don’t seem to find much in the way of misogyny, or of men intentionally blocking their path:

    Well, isn’t that interesting? Both sexes represented in the gaming/IT industries, having a calm and rational discussion about the reality of the situation. They know the truth of the matter, but have been shouted down by people like Kluwe and his SJW allies. But as long as they stick to that particular tack, more and more people will continue to realize how hysterically wrong they really are.

    Game over, anti-GamerGaters.

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  • Why the Media’s Ukraine Narrative Fell Apart

    October 27, 2014 • InternationalComments (0)

    Exactly how much of the Ukraine propaganda from a few months back is being flushed down the toilet? The media appears to be pulling the plug on the Ukraine campaign. It has been a little over a month after the truce was enacted that Putin designed. The EU is backing away from a trade pact with Ukraine. The NY Times released an article that the Ukrainians did use cluster bombs as Putin alleged. The Germans just cleared the Russians of downing MH 17. Another leak shows that Putin did not offer parts of a carved up Ukraine to Poland (“overinterpreted”) as the former Polish foreign minister alleged. American media has, once again, revealed that nearly everything they claimed and trumpeted in the past is false, and that what they called lies are truth. There will be no consequences. There never are. The better question is: why is this happening?

    Europe’s economy is a mess and sanctions actually hurt them. It does not hurt the entire realm, but it hurts the heavy hitters who are doing the pulling to keep their whole system afloat. Russian gas fuels German industry, and the Germans, idiotically after Fukushima, decided to shut down their nuclear reactors. Where’s the cheap electricity now, frau? Russia also made a big move that turned the natural gas game in their favor. Russia inked that huge natgas deal with China, diversifying their consumer base; providing China and possibly other Asian manufacturing centers with natgas makes Europe less important.

    And it’s not just foreign moves that matter, as this is the USG’s show. If Putin starts strutting again, the situation can be restarted anytime Soros and company want. The War Party now has their military industrial complex expenditures in the Middle East. Billions can be spent on the rapidly expanding long slog to beat back IS. Ukraine itself is to blame. The Ukrainian military was so inept and terrible that they were losing to rebels on the ground and starting to look bad in the media war. Once people start seeing the ‘neo-Nazi’ side of the new leaders in Ukraine, it will scare them off since the media will say ‘Shoah’, and no one wants a Shoah. Never again. It is also late October. Winter is coming. It will be cold in Ukraine without Russian gas. New governments with tentative holds on their nation fighting the perception of Washington puppets want to keep their people warm.

    This might not go away, though, because of one man. George Soros is desperate. He fired off an op-ed calling Russia an existential threat, begging asking for $20 billion towards the war effort. Females in the lion pride do the hunting and fighting, but when the pride is in mortal danger, the big poppa lion comes out to fight. Soros showing his teeth in January was enough to tip people off that he was worried. This letter, demanding $20 billion from the IMF, is from an angry man who knows he is losing. His word choice is closer to a despot extracting money for his war: “immediate cash injection of at least $20 billion, with a promise of more when needed. Ukraine’s partners should provide additional financing conditional on implementation of the IMF-supported program, at their own risk, in line with standard practice“. Like so many other things progressives want or believe, Soros thinks if he says it enough, it will come true. It may still happen, but not fast enough for old George. One correction to the Soros letter is that Europe is broke, taking in toxic levels of immigration, and drunk on hedonism, facing a self-inflicted crisis.

    The media is laying the groundwork for the eventual sabotaging of the current Ukraine regime and an arrangement that conforms to Russia’s desires. The bad publicity right now for Ukrainian efforts, combined with the positive leaks and revelations for Russia, bolsters Putin’s side. That the rebels were reckless, the Ukrainians are using dirty weapons, and Putin never made secret deals, are all items intended to portray the eventual resolution that fits Putin’s checklist as something the international community wants too. Soros sees this and is angry. Americans will not pay attention, though, because they are barely registering that IS has been supported by our Gulf allies for years, and received aid from the US when it was an anti-Assad force, yet now we must bomb them.

    If Soros and company want to restart a fight in Ukraine once the Middle East military expenditures drop off, then the stove can be turned back to high. Some fake military convoys, a shot-down plane which was the only plane sent on that flight path over disputed territory, and Putin-Hitler comparisons should be enough to make the American public forget all about the systematic lies about Ukraine in 2014.

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  • The Long, Slow Collapse: What Whig History Can’t Explain

    October 26, 2014 • FolkwaysComments (5)

    There are two views of history in Western society today.

    The first is Whig history. This view is linear: everything is getting better all the time. We rose from the Dark Ages by the power of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, we developed liberal democracy and progressivism to protect the rights of man and the feelings of bi-gender otherkin, and so on.

    It’s often said that, just as the progressive views of fifty years ago are problematic today, the progressive views of today will be problematic fifty years from now, once our society has developed a better understanding of social justice; behind this view lies Whig history. Tomorrow will always be more socially just, more righteous than today.

    Whig history is even in our language: ‘progressive’ and ‘regressive’, ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘backwards’, and so on. The metaphor at the root of these terms is the Whig view itself: the future lies ahead of us and it is good, and the past, which lies behind us, is bad. When a Whig sees something she doesn’t like, she shakes her head and says: “it’s 2014, and this still exists” — as if stating the year were an argument. But to the Whig, it is an argument.

    The other view of history is a cyclical one; in this view, civilizations rise and fall, proceeding through a period of expansion to a golden age, and then a period of decline.

    This view is rare today, though some memory of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire still persists; and whenever mention is made of the Islamic Golden Age, the cyclical view of history lurks unacknowledged in the background. One may ask — what happened to the Islamic world that led to the end of that age? But one usually does not.

    The common American vision of collapse is one of immediate and total disaster: a civilization is cut short by some disaster that it cannot handle, plunged within a few years into total darkness and savagery by an immediate crash. This error is so common that even those who attack it commit it themselves:

    So the dollar is in free fall, global oil extraction has peaked, and the deflating housing bubble is bringing down half the banking industry. A hundred years from now, they’ll file 2007 with 1929. The crash is not close — we are in the crash. This is what the crash looks like — not roving gangs storming your house to steal canned food, but gasoline and milk prices rising twenty cents, and another vacant house on your street, and your credit card sending you a few pages of fine print about some new ways they can charge you 29%. The crash looks like trains breaking down and roofs leaking and unemployed people moving in with family and employed people cynically going through the motions. Every day will look almost exactly like the day before, but in a few years you will find yourself eating dandelions and sorting out your pre-1982 pennies to sell the copper.

    We fantasize about the Road Warrior crash scenario because it would make life simple and raw — the winners would have a fun time and the losers would not have to suffer long. In the real crash, you’ll still have to go to your job and pay bills and get stuck in traffic, but everything will be a little crummier, a little less predictable. You will see more depressed people and rambling crazies and potholes and buses that never come and long lines and important phone numbers where nobody answers. Your whole city will not be wiped out by a biowar super-plague, but here and there someone you know will die of cancer or MRSA. Even when oil is $200 a barrel, I predict that more people will die of car crashes than starvation.

    Ran Prieur wrote that in 2007. It’s been a few years. You probably aren’t eating dandelions. The crash never came.

    There is a collapse, of course—but there is not and will not be a crash. The Roman Empire took centuries to fall.

    The collapse won’t look like roving gangs storming your house to steal canned food; nor will it look like selling pennies for copper. As one would expect of a process that can take centuries, the collapse is slow; but what this means is that it’s hardly even visible. It won’t—it doesn’t—look like something that is happening; it looks like how the world is. It looks like the things you take for granted, and the things your children will, and their children, and so on until Odoacer.

    You don’t see NEETs cocooned in their mother’s basements; you don’t see thugs killing for fun and posting the videos online. You don’t notice that no one hitchhikes anymore, that that web of implicit societal trust is gone; you don’t realize that there was a time when your elders merited respect, or when your neighbors didn’t bloat themselves on fast food because they live alone and they never learned to cook. Perhaps you even take it for granted that children should not walk further from their parents’ houses than the end of the street.

    Two-hour commutes, the search for ‘good schools’, the increasing financial impossibility of reproduction—these are all just facts of life, all things to be taken for granted. The water must be boiled before it’s safe to drink; the power goes out for no reason; the internet connection goes out whenever it rains; the cities are dens of crime from which you must retreat, and buy a house in a lifeless dormitory suburb; divorce rates are up; the people get sucked into an underclass and the elites shrug and decide that they must be replaced—these are all just how it is.

    Whig history fails to account for the historical record of collapse, but the common conception of cyclical history doesn’t do much better. Collapse is a slow process, and it is already here.


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  • luciana_berger_181012

    21-Year-Old Brit Jailed for Trolling Jewish MP on Twitter

    October 26, 2014 • InternationalComments (2)

    21-year-old Garron Helm will be spending the next four weeks in jail in Liverpool, England, after he sent a photoshopped picture to Jewish MP Luciana Berger. According to the International Business Times, Helm tweeted an altered photo of Berger in which a Yellow Star of David was placed on her forehead, along with a hashtag #hitlerwasright and the words: “You can always count on a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”

    Helm is reported to be connected to British nationalist group National Action, and that fact seems to have played into the ruling:

    The court heard Helm had links to a fringe group called National Action. His defence lawyer called him “immature” and said he forged links with the extremist group because he was lonely.

    Judge Andrew Shaw said: “You positioned a Star of David over the head of a picture of the victim. The indirect character of the communication only served to cause potential humiliation by canvassing what you wrote to others first.”

    Berger is quoted as saying she was “deeply shocked” when she first received the photo from Helm. After Helm was sent to jail, Berger—”the victim”—was sure to make a display of indignation:

    “This sentence sends a clear message that hate crime is not tolerated in our country,” she said. “I hope this case serves as an encouragement to others to report hate crime whenever it rears its ugly head”.

    If one wonders what the U.S. might look like in the next few decades, look no further than the UK. The political class in Britain use the full extent of their power to sniff out thought criminals, like Helm, and consider it the noblest use of their power. Unfortunately the people of Britain continue to suffer under their version of defective progressive leadership, much as the people of the U.S. are right now. Those with political and media power only concern themselves with, and for the most part only know how to deal with, trivialities like Internet trolling—but in order to make their inane witch-hunts appear to be of genuine concern, they append the phrase ‘hate crime’ to these kind of acts.

    Meanwhile, throughout the UK, thousands of British children have been victims of what can certainly be called a hate crime—namely, their sexual exploitation at the hands of Muslim immigrants, of which the Rotherham case is a notable recent example. Think on the implications here: the British government considers Internet trolling to be more of a threat to its operation than the mass rape of young British girls. This does not show the British political class to be incompetent or ignorant, but outright malicious.

    The medium of the Internet itself has always been problematic for progressives on both sides of the pond, because it remains one of the few spaces they’ve yet to colonize and gentrify to any great extent. In recent years, some attempts have been made to do so, but at least in the U.S., they have thus far been rebuffed. But where they have been able to do so, overwhelming force seems to be their answer to the Internet and its narrative-eroding power.

    Today, it’s Garron Helm and his crude trolling of a Jewish MP. Tomorrow, who knows what inanity might land you in prison?


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  • A man holding a hatchet is seen in a still image from surveillance video provided by the New York Police Department

    Hatchet-Wielding Man Goes After NYPD Officers

    October 25, 2014 • NationalComments (0)

    A hatchet-wielding man attacked a group of NYPD officers on Thursday, following on the heels of similar attacks in Canada earlier this week. Zale H. Thompson, the suspect, was shot and killed by two of the officers he attacked. According to this CNN report, the officers felt as if Thompson was “stalking” them:

    The man was hiding behind a bus shelter as if he was waiting to attack the officers, according to a law enforcement official, who said it almost appeared as if he was stalking them. The officers were posing for a photo when the man pounced, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

    Curiously enough, a NYPD “law enforcement official” acknowledged that Thompson was a “Muslim convert,” but said he didn’t believe that fact played any role in this attack, even in the face of the aforementioned jihadi attacks in Canada:

    When asked if the unprovoked attack was tied to terrorism or to recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers, Bratton said, “there is nothing we know as of this time that would indicate that were the case,” and a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Friday that investigators do not believe that Thompson, a Muslim convert, was driven by any radical Islamic views.

    Bratton also conceded that there certainly seems to be something approaching coordinated attacks, but again, it’s wrong to think Islam had anything to do with the attack in NYC:

    Nevertheless, Bratton acknowledged concern because of recent attacks on uniformed officers. “I think certainly the heightened concern is relative to that type of assault based on what just happened in Canada,” he said.

    As the story broke and more information on the attacker was released, a number of blogs and websites found a Facebook page belonging to a Zale Thompson.  Not surprisingly, the page is full of tributes to Islam, and other associated content. This unwillingness by the NYPD to state the obvious probably should be expected. Given the criticisms of the department’s “stop and frisk” policy, along with the argument over the “Ground Zero” mosque, NYC has kowtowed to the Muslim community in the years since 2001.

    Thompson’s attack falls in line with Michael Zihauf-Bibeau’s and Martin Rouleau Couture’s attacks in Canada this week. In all three instances, the men attacked uniformed officers of one form or another, and with the exception of Couture, the situation ended with their deaths. Obfuscate all they might, the authorities and the Brahmin media aren’t going to stop people from thinking: ‘suicide attackers’. It seems a new phase of Islam’s war with the West may be underway, one in which they’re reaching deep into the Western world to spread their message of terror. It’s certainly a dangerous time for all involved, especially when the elite leadership of the country continues to downplay the threat posed by this new iteration of Muslim terrorism.

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  • vagandpeen

    TX Woman Wants to Build 6 Ft. Vagina

    October 24, 2014 • KulturkampfComments (1)

    A Texas woman known only as Chloe has set up a Kickstarter project to create a six-foot vagina as a response to the changes in Texas’ abortion laws in recent years. She hopes to raise money through the publicity she thinks the giant vagina will get, then use that money to”start a group that provides housing, meals, and transportation to women who are traveling” to abortion clinics to get abortions. Proving once again that there is truly nothing new under the sun in contemporary Leftist thought are Chloe’s reasons to build the giant vagina, as found in her Kickstarter bio:

    I am a girl with a dream. I want to help women. I want to change the world. I want to create a statue of lady parts. I am really excited about this project because I think that it can make a difference in the lives of women in Texas.
    I am ready to say “fuck you” to the rich, white, men in Texas who are limiting my rights to my own body and I am ready to make something hilarious.

    Yawn. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. As always, it’s ‘my body, my rights’, and ‘rich white men’ are to blame. And don’t forget to keep your laws out of her bedroom. (Although one wonders how progressives will resolve that argument with the bedroom law they passed in California.)

    Even the giant vagina idea has already been done: Code Pink dressed up in vagina costumes to protest Mitt Romney in 2012. But what exactly is the point being made here? The usual progressive cant says that those evil rich white men must be afraid of vaginas; never mind that more traditional, more religious communities have higher fertility rates. In fact, “we still don’t know about a single, non-religious population, movement or group that was able to retain more than two births per woman (the so-called replacement level) throughout subsequent generations” — so who is it who’s afraid of vaginas and their functions again?

    Of course, Chloe’s giant vagina is targeted at Texas, a high-profile state for the abortion debate in the last two years. “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis received an outpouring of adulation from progressive Brahmins in June 2013 when she filibustered a proposed abortion law in the Texas Senate. Her act was so beloved by Progressives that President Obama’s official Twitter account tweeted in support of her the day of the filibuster. Ultimately, Davis’ efforts failed, and the law was passed.

    There truly is nothing new under the sun in Leftist thought these days. Chloe’s desire to build a giant vagina and the wholly depleted talking points used by Davis and the pro-choice crowd in general are just another example of the intellectual bankruptcy overwhelming the Left and its Brahmin leaders. Stunts like Chloe’s and Davis’ filibuster have not changed the fact that 58 percent of Americans are against abortion in all or most cases; nor has the tedious refrain of “my body, my rights!”, which assumes the very premise it seeks to argue for. Simply put, Americans are tired of hearing about something as distasteful as abortion from a bunch of angry progressives who think their point can be made by building six-foot tall vaginas.

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  • Denver_union_station (1)

    Denver Post: Renovated Train Station Not Diverse Enough

    October 23, 2014 • KulturkampfComments (0)

    Earlier this week, Ray Rinaldi, the Denver Post’s “Fine Arts Critic”, lamented the fact that Denver’s recently renovated Union Station seemed to pay homage to the people and the culture who originally built the structure. In Rinaldi’s own words, the train station, before the renovation, was a “ghost town,” but with the renovation, it is now wildly popular:

    Three months in, the place hums early and late. The Crawford Hotel on the top floors is a hit, and the best 8 p.m. restaurant tables are gone weeks in advance.

    In fact, the renovated Train Station is so successful, according to Rinaldi himself, that it’s expected to provide enough revenues to keep the city’s public transportation system solvent. But even with all these positives, in a situation where once stood a ghost town, but is now full of life and revenue, it’s still just no good, because it’s too White:

    Let’s start with the building itself, the actual architecture. Union Station is a neo-classical mix of styles — European styles. The symmetry, arched windows, ornate cornice and stacked, stone walls have their roots in the glory days of France, England, Greece and Rome, in empires that were nearly absent of ethnic minorities and who felt fully at ease invading, exploiting and actually enslaving the people of Africa, subcontinent Asia and South America.

    Yes, that’s all in the past; things have changed. But the $54 million renovation of Union Station doesn’t take that into account. It restores the symbols of an old world with no updates. The gilded chandeliers have been rewired, the marble polished, but there’s no nod to the present, no interior walls in the bright colors of Mexico, no Asian simplicity is in the remix. There are no giant sculptures by African-American artists bonused into the lobby, no murals on the basement walls.

    Rinaldi exhibits the typical progressive urge to invade and distort a unified whole with discordant elements from other cultures. It’s just a given that including the “bright colors of Mexico” or “giant sculptures by African-American artists” in a structure that’s decidedly European would be a net positive for the structure, never mind aesthetics and other architectural considerations.

    In fact, Rinaldi’s desire for inclusiveness even leads him to ponder historical revisionism:

    Denver’s bigshot bigots are gone, schools and workplaces desegregated. But the structures of back then look the same — are they to be honored or altered to make the past palatable for everyone?

    The programming does little to mitigate the obstacles. The local restaurants and chefs that made it onto Union Station were the city’s highest-profile operators whose establishments serve mostly white clientele, and their fans have followed along. Minority businesses were part of the station’s redevelopment, but many of the key players were white, too. These people are not racists. They are our among our best, most creative thinkers.

    Still, something is missing. There’s no traditional Mexican restaurant, no soul-food restaurant, no sushi bar, as if no one noticed that the Mexican-American, African-American and Asian-American families that own and operate those places across the city are also our best food purveyors.

    The whole critique is an example of the ethnomasochism that exists among White progressives. This ethnomasochism could be attributed to cultural relativism, but it goes further, extending to various expressions of supremacy. Any cultural product that is European or White seems to be lessened by default, while any cultural product outside of that milieu is held up as superior—’rich’, ‘vibrant’, ‘unique’, and so on. Rinaldi’s assertion above regarding “food purveyors” is a good example.

    Accordingly, any position that upholds European or White cultural artifacts as superior is automatically perceived as racist—never mind that the very machines being used to transmit this article to you are products of European civilization.

    Ethnomasochism is a dangerous game to play, even for the effete Brahmins who are so practiced in it. As both the United States and Europe are beginning to learn, the results of unchecked immigration from around the world are less than utopian. But even as I write these words, White progressives are arguing against restrictions regarding Ebola, ever after the first case in the U.S. came from a Liberian man visiting his family in Texas. If this trend of ethnic cuckoldry continues among the elite, the West will fast become like ancient Rome: overrun by invaders, from inside and out—and in this case, not even European ones.

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  • How They Keep the Enterovirus 68 Numbers Down

    October 23, 2014 • NationalComments (1)

    “You know your child might have that enterovirus that is going around. Well, the test for it takes time and there is no antibiotic or special treatment for it. It just has to run its course. Just check for wet diapers and make sure your baby is hydrated. Thanks, buh-bye.”

    That’s the gist of how the doctor talked to my wife when she brought our daughter in for a really weird emergency a few weekends ago. My daughter had an eye irritation, so my wife brought her to the clinic. She was around plenty of sick kids there, and she developed what seemed like a cold, which my wife caught as well. A few days later, my daughter was acting funny. Her breathing was off. We put her down for a nap; she woke up crying, shaking and running a fever. She felt cold to the touch and her lips and hands were purple. I run warm, so I held her, but she quivered away. Her temperature got to 102 at the hospital, but it eventually came down. She came home, and the worst had passed. She slowly got better. My wife kept coughing for a few weeks.

    That weekend doctor speech flew under our radar until that little boy died from enterovirus 68. I share this just to say: whatever the case count is for enterovirus 68, it is a massive undercount. They are probably getting away with this because there is no cure, it is a lot like the flu and rarely does it kill. They can keep official numbers down to the high risk kids; those with asthma or bronchial problems. It would be incredibly bad optics for our CDC if the enterovirus were running rampant through the nation while they are supposed to be the knights in medical suits to protect us from ebola.

    People might also ask about how this rare virus has had a massive outbreak in the US this fall. People might also wonder about the tales from doctors and nurses of government officials criticizing them for publicizing any medical problems with the little kids who somehow made it up from Central America, through Mexico, to the US, completely without the aid of adults. People might also find that those types of viruses are common in the Latin American countries that are the source of these parentless immigrant children. At least one politician noticed it, but he’s just a xenophobic right winger. Nothing to see here; move along.

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  • Idaho Town Ordinance Forces Pastors to Wed Gay Couples

    October 23, 2014 • NationalComments (0)

    Pastors in Coeur  d’Alene, Idaho must now agree to marry gay couples or face fines and jail time, according to various reports. Leaders in the resort town have made clear their commitment to enforcing the town’s ordinance. From the Washington Times:

    The dictate comes on the heels of a legal battle with Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post wedding chapel in the city, but who oppose gay marriage, The Daily Caller reported.

    A federal judge recently ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, while the city of Coeur d‘Alene has an ordinance that prevents discrimination based on sexual preference.

    Evidently, the Knapps have always politely refused to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple, citing their faith as their reason. If they continue to refuse, however, they face up to 180 days in jail, and a $1,000 fine for every day they continue to refuse to perform the ceremony. Ordinances like these, and recent cases over weddings, baked goods, and photographs, show progressives’ desire to regiment the lives of those with whom they disagree, and expose a great lie that has been told in the push for gay marriage. Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), touched on the hypocrisy inherent in ordinances such as Coeur d’Alene’s.

    “Many have denied that pastors would ever be forced to perform ceremonies that are completely at odds with their faith, but that’s what is happening here — and it’s happened this quickly”, Tedesco said, according to The Daily Caller.

    For years, those who warned about the slippery slope gay marriage would lead to were ridiculed as out-of-touch and bigoted. In practice, it has lead to persecution—like the Knapps are currently experiencing in Coeur d’Alene—and outright absurdity, such as a woman marrying a building in Seattle, or the British woman who married her dog and confessed she was the dog’s “bitch”.

    Both the rapid shift in sociosexual norms, and especially the persecution of those who dissent from it, amount to what would be called, only a generation ago, a strange and perverse development. They also may discredit progressive social reforms to some degree or another, as even level-headed people who mostly agree with progressives may find jail time and fines to be a bit excessive.


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